Landscape Design Services of Nate Miller

Simply Sustainable Landscapes by Nate MillerNate MillerI strive to create landscapes that are biologically diverse and provide year-round seasonal interest and edibility. I avoid the use of any known invasive, non-native plant species in my designs. I work closely with all my clients to make sure that all of their design needs are addressed. I make sure to check on the progress of my client’s projects, especially if they have chosen to undertake the work themselves.

Design Consultation

Nate specializes in native, edible and historical landscapes. Recommended plantings may be native to the local eco-region and attract beneficial wildlife, have edible/medicinal value, or cherished heirlooms and historically important.

Recommendations for Soil Improvement

In order to improve soil conditions, I focus on building deep rich soils by imitating nature and natural processes. I also suggest administering soil tests during the landscape planning process or before planting any vegetation.

Learn more about soil improvement

Plant Identification

As part of any landscape project or if a property owner simply wishes to know the types of plants that are on their property I am available to research and identify the plants to the best of my ability. I use various sources both online and print to determine the species of plants I encounter.

Pest Identification and Organic Control

Simply Sustainable Landscapes by Nate MillerPest Identification and Organic Pest Control considerations (if possible) will work with local extension agencies, arborists, master gardeners to solve problems.

Creating Certified Wildlife Habitat

In order to make your landscape more wildlife friendly I can be consulted to do the following:

  • Create wildlife-attractive landscapes by following the National Wildlife Federation’s guidelines in the Certified Wildlife Habitat Program, the Audubon Society’s Backyard Habitat Program, Various State DNR and DCR habitat information and local native plant societies information.
  • Research methods to improve habitat for game animals such as various water fowl, bobwhite quail, white-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, wild turkey, squirrels, rabbits and crows.
  • Provide information regarding bird, bat and flying squirrel boxes and bird feeders.
  • Provide information regarding the establishment of bumble and solitary bee nesting sites.

Light Landscape Implementation

Help with planting and/or garden creation.

Simply Sustainable Landscapes by Nate Miller

Light Pruning

Deadheading plants, pruning small shrubs and small trees.

Maintenance Consultation

Simply Sustainable Landscapes by Nate MillerIf maintenance is needed post-installation on your landscape or if you have questions on how to care for plants in your landscape, I am available for consultation. I can do some light pruning if needed, but for larger and/or specialized projects I direct my clients to reputable landscapers or construction companies.

Referral Consultation

Nate will work with you to find reputable construction companies to perform weed removal, grading and other landscape manipulation practices. In addition, Nate can work with contractors to build quality hardscapes such as walls, rain barrels, solar panels, wind turbines, terraces, rain cisterns, buildings, fences, patios, outdoor spaces etc. Nate works with contractors to find sources for local and recyclable materials.


Though most of my work is based in northwestern Virginia, I have also created designs or built projects in other parts of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and West Virginia.

Rate is $100/hour

Nate has over 20 years of experience in landscaping, landscape design, plant identification and knowledge of native wildlife. He’s got a BA in Art with a concentration in Environmental Science and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Clemson University. He’s working on a reference book that neatly categorizes projects by Edible, Ornamental, Native (plants) and Sustainable Methods.

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